Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our parish? We have answers. Below we’ve addressed some of the questions asked most frequently by parishioners and community members. If you have additional questions, we welcome you to call our office, and we will be glad to help in any way we can.

Can I baptize my child at St. Anthony of Padua?

If you would like to baptize your child at St. Anthony, you, as parents, must be registered members of the parish and also be practicing Catholics. For more information about baptism requirements, please see our Sacraments page.

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How can I register to become a parishioner of St. Anthony’s?

To register, please fill out our Parish Registration form, and bring it to the parish office during our regular office hours. We look forward to your participation!

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How can I get involved?

We welcome and encourage your involvement in our parish! There are plenty of opportunities to serve and to participate. Visit the Parish Ministries section of our website for information about adult, family, and youth ministries as well as charitable causes and parish committees. Our parish needs what you have to offer!

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Who do I contact to receive sacraments for the sick?

If you or someone you love is sick and unable to attend Mass to receive the sacraments, please contact the parish office and let us know your circumstances. This is important, because we are only able to serve you when you request that we do so. Also, please be aware that we stream our Mass services live for those who are bedridden or otherwise prevented from attending in person.

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Can I pay or donate online?

Yes! Thank you for your desire to make an offering to St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church. Your donations go a long way toward helping our parish and programs thrive. Please donate through our online offertory.

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