Funerals and Cemetery Arrangements

Our prayers are with you in your time of loss. To make funeral pre-arrangements, please visit or contact the parish office at (910) 692.6613. Our office staff would be happy to serve your needs. If you are looking to arrange a Catholic funeral Mass for someone recently deceased, please contact the parish office to request an appointment with the pastor so that the funeral Mass can be scheduled. After meeting with the pastor, the remaining details of the funeral Mass will be prepared immediately afterwards.

We have many plots available for purchase as well as niches in our columbarium. You can find informational brochures in the back of the church and in the parish office. To discuss your needs and/or to purchase a cemetery plot or columbarium niche, you may contact or visit Diana Wake, who oversees the parish cemetery, at (910) 692.6613 extension 224. Please call ahead of time to set a time to discuss your needs. We are happy to present to you the available options and find the perfect solution to your needs.

Recent Cemetery Improvements

Thanks to all who pitched in.

St. Anthony of Padua Cemetery Ministry Committee

Caring for the dead is a corporal work of mercy. The purpose of our cemetery committee is to assist in the administration and maintenance of our parish cemetery on a day-to-day basis and also to see to its long-term care. The committee works with the pastor in an advisory role and reports to the pastor through the administrative assistant of the parish. The cemetery ministry committee also reports to the parish pastoral council.

The scope of the committee is as follows:

  1. Establishing rules and regulations
  2. Maintaining the physical property
  3. Keeping and maintaining records
  4. Managing the financial aspects of the cemetery
  5. Directing future planning and development


The following parishioners have volunteered to serve on the cemetery ministry committee:

Wayne Etowski – Chairperson 
Rusty Disney 
Heidi Etowski
Michael Kemple
David Bowbliss
Bob Klug
Maureen Deceuster 
Mackenzie Donoghue