Catholic Home School

St Anthony of Padua has a large constituency of traditional homeschoolers in our parish who take their responsibility of passing on the faith to their children seriously. As the first educators of their children, each family is free to choose whatever curriculum they choose to maintain the Catholic family environment they desire. Many families use Our Lady of Grace, Mother Seaton, or Faith and Life. For those who live close enough to the church, they often incorporate daily mass attendance into their daily lives whenever possible. Under Diocesan guidelines, families who choose to home school rather than enroll their children in the parish religious education program should notify the parish leader for religious education so they will know that your children are being properly catechized and be aware when they will be ready to receive the sacraments.

Catholic Home School Network

An informal network providing information, support, and educational opportunities among families as needed. Please email Christine Hicks for additional information.

Classically Catholic Memory Co-Op

Classically Catholic Memory is a homeschool memory program that applies the classical model of education for ages 4–12 and beyond. Designed to be used as a compliment to your regular curriculum, the program covers the subjects of religion, Latin, history, timeline, science, math, geography, Great Words (poetry and famous speeches/documents), fine arts, and presentation.

We have classes for three age groups and a nursery for children under four. Pooling our resources, a parent from each family teaches an age group class or works in the nursery. We meet the first and third Fridays of each month. For more information, please email Heather,  or call at (910) 364.4414. We’d love to have you join us!