Mass Online

If you are sick, homebound, or otherwise unable to attend Mass in person, we provide the option to stream the ceremony directly to your computer. View the feed live at our regularly scheduled Mass times, or come back at your convenience to view a session in the archives.

Watch Mass Now

Microsoft Edge, (previously known as Explorer), is not compatible with MP3 audio encoding, which our media player uses. If you use Microsoft Edge to view our live streaming Mass, you will probably have audio issues. Please use either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari for optimal viewing of our live streaming Mass. This only affects the live streaming and not the archive playback. If you have issues viewing our live streaming Mass, we would like to hear from you. Please use our Contact Us page to leave us any feedback, and include your browser name as well as your operating system. Thank you for letting us know. We continue to monitor for service improvements.

We obtained permission to podcast/stream the music in this service from with license #A-727353.