Prayer Requests

Please remember the following prayer requests in your prayers.

Prayer Requests

Ewa Blaszczec

Prayer Request for the healing of my sister Barbara Soltys from depression and anxiety.


Please pray for me about my health and jobless feeling lonely and depressed .waiting for a call from college where I given demo for degree students to work as lecture. Please pray for me to get that job opportunity. Thank you.

Marcie Kennedy

Please pray that I have a clear-cut resolution to my separation of marriage for 2 1/2 yrs. I've tried desperately to reconcile, and my husband is very vague and I can't take it anymore. Together, we have 2 small toddlers (1 who is autistic), and he kicked me out in 2016 and me and the kids had to find somewhere to go. I cannot stand the hot/cold anymore. I know I have many faults, but love should withstand it all. I have tried 100% with him, and honestly have put up with a lot from him. All I want is God's Plan...why is He ignoring my cries, my pleadings for His Holy Will in my life? Why? Thank you so much for reading this.

Anne Samantha

Dear brother I’m in a big confusion regarding my job, I live in Dubai with my husband and daughter, I was praying for a good job and I received not one but 2 , both are in managerial roles and one has less salary whereas the other has more salary and higher post, but the background check is not yet done on the high salary job role, now the first company is asking me to join but I’m waiting for the second companies verification to happen in a successful way after which I can join, I’m in such a confused state, I don’t know if I should reject the low paying job, but I’m also scared what if the verification is not successful, then I will loose out on both the good opportunities, I’m in so much of stress, I don’t want to b jobless, I don’t know wat to do and how to decide please pray for me to give me clarity n confidence on what I need to do, I’m getting restless and nervous with each passing day, I don’t want to be jobless and start from scratch in my career , in both the jobs it is a manager and AVP role, kindly pray to Jesus to decide for me and help me in taking a confident decision , please pray for clarity in my mind , I’m stressed and confused

Anish John

Please, set aside everything that is coming between me and my wife and worked by Lucifer and his wicked legion to destroy families like mine blessed directly from heaven. Heal us lord, please Abba heal my marriage in Jesus' mighty name. My lord Jesus Christ, would you not heal my marriage and bring Jessy back to make us whole once again. Mother Mary, St. Joseph, St. Peter & Paul,St.Michael, St. George, St. Gabriel, and St. George please pray for my intention to be done at once. St. Philomina, St.Jude, St.George and St.Antony please destroy the evil in Diany, Anila, Anup, JCE and J right now in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus Christ my lord and God.

Caroline Thomas

Hi, My family believes in St.Antony and pray to him. We got many blessings after praying to st.antony. My husband's (Eldhose) HiB visa extension is due and please remember us in your prayers to get visa extended. We will visit the church soon. Thank you, Caroline, Eldhose and Ameya(Our little girl) 

Paul Abraham

Lord Jesus Devil power take place within our family therefore my prayer request to you save our family ... remove every Devil power from our family .... Devil want to destroy our family Lord Jesus Save our entire family ... do not let Devil destroy our family ,I have lot of problems in my life,I have no job,I am financially unstable,I lost my father,my mother is sick,so i wanted job for my future, I have one interview in today and tomorrow,I need a job, please perform a miracle in those interviews, please Bless me,I have no hop in my life and future,I am totally disappointed in my life please give me a answer,please give me a good sign from those job interviews, anybody can't help me my situation,Lord only u can help me, please give me a strength and support, amen

Jason Thomas

For a special intention and that it is answered positively very soon. Thank you.