Youth Groups

We love the enthusiasm of our young parishioners, and we provide many ways for them to share their love of the Word of God and to support one another in their spiritual growth. Below you’ll find a list of ways to get involved. For more information, contact the leader listed.

Boy Scouts of America, Troop 1
The BSA is a values-based youth development program that builds character, teaches good citizenship, and increases personal fitness for boys in 6th grade and up. Meetings on Tuesdays.

Dilles Walker
(910) 489.3712

Classically Catholic Memory Co-Op
Classically Catholic Memory is a homeschool memory program that applies the classical model of education for ages 4–12 and beyond. Meetings take place at Sacred Heart.

Heather Van Horn
(910) 364.4414
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Cub Scouts, Pack 1
Cub Scouts have an opportunity to learn by doing as they work toward passing off specific goals. Boys in 1st–5th grades meet with their dens on Thursdays from 6 to 7:30 p.m. The pack meets once a month on Sundays.

Darrent Buss
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Dead Theologians Society
Through the Saints of Yesterday, the Dead Theologians Society inspires the youth of today to become the Saints of tomorrow. This group is for post-confirmation youth.

Barbara Kemple
(910) 585.2132
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Handmaidens of the Blessed Sacrament
Our Handmaidens of the Blessed Sacrament group, for girls ages 10 and up, focuses on increasing Marian spirituality through enrichment activities and learning experiences that increase our devotion to Christ through Mary.

Barbara Kemple
(910) 585.2132
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Homeschool Network
In our informal network of homeschooling families, we share information, resources, and educational opportunities and support one another in our mission to provide a values-based education for our families.

Christine Hicks
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SWIFT Robotics
Our robotics club provides a fantastic channel for integrating the Christian faith with STEM interests. We build robots and learn life skills, working as a team to accomplish our goals. 

Scot Padget
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Rob Deucher
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Vacation Bible School
Our vacation Bible school gives children in grades K–6 a way to explore themes of faith through a variety of activities for one week every July.

Diana Wake
(910) 692.6613
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